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July 29th, 2009 - The Girls From Earth

“…says she did four years in a reformatory for shoplifting, and she’s currently on parole!”


X Minus One was an NBC revival of the series ‘Dimension X,’ and ended up running twice as long as the show that it intended to revive. This episode — ‘The Girls From Earth’ — was originally broadcast on January 16th, 1957. It has been digitally remastered for your listening pleasure.

Running Time: 22:21

July 23rd, 2009 - Planet Man Episode III, ‘Cosmic Communicator’

“…then with the Earth’s resources, and their people as our slaves, we can defy the League of Planets!”


This is Episode 3 of ‘The Planet Man,’ the direct sequel to the episode remastered a few weeks ago. There’s no original broadcast date, because the show was syndicated by Palladium Radio Productions for local presentation. Listen carefully, you’ll notice spots where the local syndicate would put in their own advertising to bring the running time to a solid fifteen minutes.

This episode was released to the syndicating stations in 1950, and digitally remastered just this morning for your listening enjoyment.

Running Time: 11:51

July 14th, 2009 - Beyond Infinity

“I’m selling brushes. We have a nice line of brooms. They sweep well.”


Presenting ‘Beyond Infinity,’ an episode of ‘Dimension X’ originally broadcast via NBC on July 21st, 1950.

Sought by the secret police of a totalitarian regime, scientists work on experiments in (what we’d now call) nanotechnology. An American journalist looks in to see what’s going on, and… you’ll just have to listen. Originally sponsored by Wheaties, whose long advertisements have been removed in the remastering process.

July 8th, 2009 - Almost Human

“Have you heard of a new science called cybernetics?”


Here’s another episode of X Minus One called ‘Almost Human.’ This episode originally aired on NBC on August 11th, 1955. It was written by Robert Bloch, who wrote the novel ‘Psycho’ and the screenplay to the original Star Trek episode ‘Catspaw.’

Running Time: 23:51

July 1st, 2009 - The Roads Must Roll!

“Oh, If you quote that nauseating slogan at me again, I’ll divorce you!”


On the 4th of January 1956, NBC broadcast an episode of a show called ‘X Minus One,’ a venture between the broadcaster and Street and Smith, publishers of Astounding Science Fiction magazine. This episode is called ‘The Roads Must Roll,’ and is based on the Robert Heinlein story of the same name. It’s written by Ernest Kinoy.

Imagine transportation beyond the automotive freeways — Rolling roads move people and goods from place to place at speeds of up to 100 miles-per-hour. This is the story of the men who keep the roads rolling at all costs, no matter what.

Running Time: 27:42

June 24th, 2009 - Orbit The Moon, ‘Planet Man’ Episode II

“What did you expect? A three-headed Mercurian man-eater?”


Back in the 1950s, Palladium Radio Productions syndicated ‘Planet Man,’ a juvenile science fiction series for radio. This is the second episode, called ‘Orbit The Moon.’

Running Time: 11:36

June 17th, 2009 - The Green Hills of Earth

“Hey Rhysling, you’d better stow that guitar, if Jimmylegs catches ya, he’ll blow a gasket!”


Originally broadcast on June 10th, 1950. This is a Robert Heinlein story, adapted to the radio from the pages of Galaxy Magazine. It features Rhysling, an integral character from Heinlein’s ‘Future History.’ Tom Glazer did the music for this, well-known for his educational science albums and songs written for The Weavers and Peter, Paul and Mary.

Running Time: 25:59